About the conference

The Secretariat wants to warmly invite you all to VII edition of Olsztyn Model United Nations. This year’s edition will be special, as the conference will take place in a new venue: Stara Kotłownia – a place which rooms are equipped with loads of cutting edge electronic devices that will make the conference even more interesting and accessible.

This year’s topic of the conference is „Problems of Progress”. As the world has faced a sudden technological jump during the last decades, it’s crucial to rethink what possibilities and threats technology provides us with and whether we should regulate its usage. Delegates will discuss topics related to the main subject in 5 different committees.

The Secretariat would like to invite all of you to apply in the section called “Delegate Applications”.

Meet Our Secretariat

Photos by Boguś Różański Photography


„Hi, hello! My name is Laura and I am more than honored to be OLMUN 2019 President of General Assembly. Not only it is a great privilege for me, but also a big opportunity to have fun with all of you during this year conference.
I am an outgoing and open-minded person. Probably that’s why I love meeting new people and you can actually make a lot of new friendships at OLMUN. When it comes to my hobbies, I am a speaker in Oxford Debates and I am interested in EU’s politics.
Can’t wait to see you guys! Get ready for punishments from me ;)”


Secretary-general – Piotr Kłopotowski

„Hi! I’m Piotr and it is my utmost pleasure to be the Secretary General of this year Olsztyn Model United Nations. So far I have been to seven MUNs in Poland and abroad, so you can know me from them. Those conferences allowed me to improve my speaking skills as well as my knowledge about world’s politics, but what’s most important – to meet lots of new friends. That’s why I decided to take part in organisation of OLMUN 2019 . Apart from MUNs my interests are politics, travelling, computer programming and new technologies.

The Secretariat will do its best to make VII edition of OLMUN an amazing experience for all the delegates and other people that will be involved in this conference. I wish I’ll see you all in October on General Assembly ;)”


Under-Secretary-Genral for internal affairs – Mateusz Psujek

„Hello, they say my name is Mateusz, but it sounds a bit weird even for me, as usually everyone just calls me Psujek. This year I’ll be your Under Secretary General for External Affairs.
Generally, I still try to be open and I don’t really have one or even a few hobbies I would fully commit to, but I really like traveling and if you like talking about all this unimportant stuff of this world like philosophy, religion, life and death and so on, you can hit me up.
Anyway, I count on you making this year’s OLMUN a great experience – overall you’re the hearth of it and I’ll do my best to help you make it so.
Peace and love✌💙”


Under-Secretary-General for External affairs – Aleksander Czajka

„Hi, my name is Olek but a lot of people call me Czaja, I’m 18 years old and #olmun2k19 will be my second MUN. This year I will be Under-Secretary-General for Internal Affairs and I’m really happy to be part of this project. I like riding bike, playing basketball and traveling. I’m an open person and I love meeting new people, so I hope we will meet on this year’s OLMUN. See you!”

Staff Coordinator – Joanna Wąsik

„Hi, my name’s Asia, I’m 18 years old and #olmun2019 will be the third OLMUN in my life! This year I’m the staff coordinator and I reaaaally hope I do well 😅
I like watching tv series, like ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Modern Family’. I also love swimming and generally hanging out with my friends. I’m a quite open and outgoing person too.
I hope this year’s OLMUN will be the best and I can’t wait until it starts!”